Sunday Services

Our morning service starts at 10:30am, with tea and coffee served afterwards. 


We welcome everybody – young, old, energetic, weary or however you are feeling today! Whatever your background and whatever you’re used to in church, we want you to feel comfortable with us. Please feel free to sit wherever you like. Many of our families like to sit towards the front, so the children can see what’s going on but please find somewhere you feel comfortable.

Recent Sunday service sheets are available to view here…

Sunday Service Sheets

St Peter’s Kids (SPK) & Youth Groups

We are delighted to welcome children and families to St Peter’s on Sunday mornings. Please be reassured that the leaders of our SPK groups have completed our safeguarding ‘Safer Recruitment’ process.

Our IGNITE group for school years 9 – 13 remain in church throughout the service. You will usually find most of them in one of the back pews. Details of other ignite activities are available upon request.

The SPARK group for school years 5 – 8 start in church, but will head off early in the service to their own meeting in the vestry at the front-left of church. They will join us again before the end of the service.

The BIBLE TOTS and DIGGERS groups for those aged 2 up to school year 4 meet in the Church Hall. The leaders collect them at the back door of Church and walk them across to the Hall, before bringing them back to Church before the end of the service.

The FAMILY ROOM in the Church Hall is for all babies up to the age of 2, where parents will be able to watch the livestream of the service.

If you have any questions about either SPK or IGNITE, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Helpful things to know:


Bathrooms – There are two bathrooms at the back of church, in the north porch (one of which has baby changing facilities). There are additional bathrooms available in the Church Hall, across the churchyard to the north of the building.

Children – We are delighted to welcome children to St Peter’s, and would like to invite them to SPK (St Peter’s Kids) during the service. Usually the children leave for SPK early on in the service – and then return towards the end. If it’s their first time, we will ask you to complete a registration form on their behalf. By the way, we understand that kids make noise – and that’s fine…..!

Communion – We invite to the Lord’s table all those who are, by God’s grace, are in a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and with their neighbour. For all those coming up to receive communion, you will be invited to come up from the pew by a warden.

Disabled access – Our current provision for those needing disabled access is via the south-east porch (the front-right of the church), where a ramp leads from the church floor to the pathway onto the High Street. Do please ask any of our Welcoming Team for assistance if required.

Dress Code – We don’t have one. Some people like to come dressed smartly, others prefer to ‘dress down’. We’re just glad you’re here.

Leaders – The Vicar of St Peter’s is Rev Mark Wallace (who is married to Lizzie) who shares the leadership of the church with the two Churchwardens (John Hartwell and Trevor Froude) and the Parochial Church Council, most of whom are elected by church members at the Annual Meetings.

Parking – There are plenty of places to park in the centre of Colchester, and the St Mary’s car park is the closest.  In addition, for those with very young children or with significant disability issues, parking is available at the Vicarage just over the road (please ring 572641).

Refreshments – These are served after the service, and are free of charge. Do please stick around for a while, as we would love the chance to get to know you better.

                    Timings – We try to start on time at 10:30am, and usually finish around 11:40am. If it’s a Communion Service, we are usually slightly longer.